Benefits of Dental Implants


I have seen an increase in demand for dental implants over the past few years,

which is no surprise with the benefits this dental procedure can provide to patients

who have one or more missing teeth.

There are a number of reasons why you should consider dental implants over

dentures, bridges and other solutions. When you have one or more missing teeth in

the front of your mouth, you want to replace them soonest to boost confidence and

improve your smile, dental implants can be a top choice to help you enjoy a natural

smile moving forward.

The first benefit of dental implants is that they provide a strong support for a crown.

A crown is a false tooth which is made in a laboratory to match the colour of your

existing teeth. A crown needs a supportive structure to rely on so that you can eat,

speak and enjoy life as normal in the future.

Dental implants can also help preserve the natural tooth tissues of the surrounding

teeth. If you choose a bridge, you will find that the dentist needs to cut into the

adjacent teeth to fit the bridge, this causes damage to the adjacent teeth moving

forward. By choosing an implant, you reduce this risk as the implant stands on its

own, the same as your normal teeth, thereby reducing the effects a bridge could

have on the teeth nearby.

When a tooth is extracted or falls out, the bone in the socket starts to deteriorate

over time. By choosing dental implants the risk of bone deterioration is greatly

reduced as there is something in its place. An implants uses a titanium screw which

is placed into the jaw bone, over time the bone attached to the screw, the same it

would with a tooth.

The good news is that dental implants are long lasting solutions. They look and feel

completely natural, no one will ever know that it isn’t your natural tooth that you have

in your mouth. You can choose to have one tooth done or you can have a complete

set, this is down to personal preference.

Unlike dentures or bridges, dental implants are completely comfortable. You won’t

find your speech or eating will be effected in any way. Dental implants can promote a

normal lifestyle moving forward.

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