Benefits of Ongoing Education in Dentistry



Companies around the world benefit from providing ongoing education and training to their employees, one of these industries is dental practices. Dr Tariq Drabu, a leading dentist and specialist oral surgeon, advised that there are numerous benefits to providing ongoing education within any dental practice.

The dental industry is constantly evolving. New discoveries are being made, new technology is being introduced and new software solutions are becoming available. Keeping your team updated on the latest dental products and services is the best way to ensure that your practice is constantly updated with the latest developments and trends. This is a benefit on its own and the reason so many dental practices ensure they provide all their team members with ongoing training to help them do their jobs to the highest standard at all times.

Of course with ongoing training comes improved productivity. When team members know how systems, software, products and solutions work, they are able to use them on a daily basis, helping your practice become more effective and productive. From the administrative team using a new invoicing and payment system to dental nurses using a new solution for teeth treatment, whatever it is, ongoing treatment is guaranteed to make an impact and assist your teams in being more productive on a daily basis.

You will also find that through ongoing education and training, your teams will have the ability to provide the highest quality of patient care at all times. Your patients are imperative to the success of your practice and you want to ensure that you are able to provide them with the latest techniques and treatments available. With your team constantly being trained, you are able to improve patient satisfaction, helping you push your practice forward each and every day.

Ongoing education can play a very important role in the retention of your current team. There isn’t a company in the world that doesn’t want to find themselves with a high staff turnover rate. In a small dental practice where the team works as a tight knit group, the last thing you want is to experience a high turnover of staff. You want the best retention rate possible. This doesn’t only make your practice a top choice with professionals who are looking for a position, but also reduces the risk of slowing down productivity and patient care by having to train new employees on your current systems and hardware.

You will also find that ongoing education can help you maximise profits in the long run. You will have a happy team, they will all be extensively trained and focused on providing the best patient care and experience at all times. This can result in you being the top choice when it comes to finding a dentist in your local area. The more patients you can add to your books and the better your level of patient care and satisfaction, the more successful your practice will be in the long run.

Your team will feel valued. Offering ongoing education and training makes team members feel valued members of the group. They have the feeling that you want to invest in them and their future in the company, this can help your team work together to help you grow your practice now and in the future.

Whether you choose to conduct in-house training or you choose to pay for your team members to have ongoing training at local colleges and universities is up to you. If a team member approaches you as they want to attend a course taking place, paying towards their ongoing education is a definite way to improve the productivity of your practice moving forward.

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