Dentures or Implants – Which Will You Choose?



Having teeth extracted can be such a daunting experience. As we age our teeth do deteriorate, obviously you want to keep as many of your natural teeth as possible, but oral health and gum disease all contribute to tooth loss moving forward.

In some instances, there is nothing the dentist can do but to remove the tooth or teeth, this can result in problems eating and speaking and the patient is forced to make the decision on whether to choose implants or dentures. Both of which will look completely natural, but both can affect you in different ways.

In many of the cases, price is a deciding factor when it comes to choosing dentures or implants. Implants are more expensive and in the UK, they are offered by private dentists, which means that you cannot pay a lower cost through the National Health Service (NHS).

According to Dr Tariq Drabu, a leading dentist and specialist oral surgeon in the United Kingdom, implants are long term solutions. These are teeth which are placed into the jaw bone, ensuring that they hold in place.

Implants are a detailed process which require x-rays of your mouth to ensure your jaw bone is strong enough to hold the implant in place. A mould is taken of your mouth to ensure that your new implants look as natural as possible. The procedure will then involve a titanium screw being placed into your jaw bone with a crown placed on top. The crown looks and feels like a natural tooth and is blended to the colour of the surrounding teeth, so no one will ever know the tooth isn’t your natural tooth.

The minute the implants are inserted, they feel natural. There is no time needed to get used to them. Discomfort for the first few days is common, remember the dentist has screwed a titanium screw into your actual jaw bone. You will need to visit the dentist a few times to ensure the bone is moulding around the screw, holding it in place for years to come.

There are instances where you may not be a candidate or your jaw bone has deteriorated to a point where you need a bone graft, this can change the process. Don’t worry, you will be given a false tooth during this time to ensure you have the right amount of teeth in your mouth. Once the graft has taken the procedure can be carried out.

Implants are more expensive than dentures and the process is quick and seamless. Dentures are an affordable solution to have false teeth in your mouth that look natural. In most instances no one will be aware that you have false teeth, though he process and how they feel will differ from implants.

Dentures are not fitted into your mouth and they can take some time to get used to. It’s natural for those who are fitted with dentures for the first time to have some speech problems and problems chewing, according to Dr Tariq Drabu.

With dentures a mould is taken and then a plate is made with the teeth, the teeth and matches to the natural colour of your other teeth, so they look natural. The plate takes getting used to and your dentist will advise you on what you can or cannot eat.

Once you are used to your dentures you can take them out while sleeping. It is imperative that you continue a good oral health routine when you have dentures, as you are still prone to gum disease, the same as a person with their natural teeth.

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