Dr Tariq Drabu Manchester Dentist GDC Affairs Need Sorting

The way that the General Dental Council (GDC) has been conducting its affairs are a matter of concern to many dentists and all dental registrants. Specifically the affairs in question centre around their Fitness to Practise procedures which were heavily criticised last year by the CHRE (Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence). The GDC has been reactive to criticism rather than leading from the front and trying to organise a strategy and direction for itself in terms of Fitness to Practise.
With the number of hearings being heard rising exponentially perhaps it is time to have a regional centre in say Manchester.
It is also time for the GDC to clamp down on the illegal practise of dentistry by so called “cosmetic tooth whitening clinics.” The fact that these unlicensed and unqualified people are able to go about their affairs and actually practice dentistry on people with no sanction from the GDC is astonishing. This is a disgraceful set of affairs that needs sorting…sooner rather than later.
The way that the GDC conducts its day to day affairs will also change with the council slimming down by 50% and being appointed and not elected.
Let us see what the next 12 months hold in store…I for one will not be holding my breath…

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