How Can You Improve Your Smile and Boost Your Confidence



A healthy smile can boost your confidence and make you feel better about yourself. When you have cavities, missing teeth, discoloured teeth and bad breath, your self-confidence can be dashed. Thousands of people around the world won’t smile bearing their teeth as they are so concerned about their oral appearance.

The first and most important step to protecting your teeth and providing you with a great smile is to brush your teeth twice a day, according to Dr Tariq Drabu, a leading dentist and specialist oral surgeon from Manchester in the United Kingdom. It is imperative that you brush your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste. Each brush should be for a minimum of two minutes concentrating on each individual tooth to ensure all plaque is effectively removed.

What many people don’t know is that the most important time to brush your teeth is right before bed and then once more during the course of the day. Before bed brushing removes plaque and bacteria, ensuring a healthy mouth while you sleep. Regular brushing can reduce the risk of cavities, decay and gum disease.

Another important part of oral health that can promote a healthy smile and boost confidence is to floss your teeth at least once a day. Floss enables you to access between the teeth, an area that your toothbrush isn’t likely to reach. Floss helps eliminate plaque from between the teeth, along with any food debris and bacteria. Floss is instrumental to reducing the risk of gum disease, which if left untreated can result in tooth loss, jaw bone damage and affect overall health in the long run.

Some people find floss difficult to use, advised Dr Tariq Drabu. These days there are a number of options to help you floss regularly from the nylon dental floss to dental sticks, which are easier to use for those with fine motor skill problems. The sticks hold a piece of floss on a plastic stick, this makes getting between teeth quick, easy and hassle free.

Further, you will want to ensure you keep all your routine dental appointments. Dental appointments are in place to help dentists identify any oral health problems early on. In the United Kingdom, a high number of dental patients will skip their routine appointment and only visit the dentist when experiencing pain. In these cases, early preventative treatment isn’t possible and it can cost more to rectify the problem.

Dr Tariq Drabu advised that routine dental appointments provide dental professionals with an opportunity to examine the mouth, teeth and gums. Dentists can look for gum disease, tooth decay and even mouth cancer.

Eating a healthy diet can have a significant and positive impact on your overall oral health, improving your smile and providing you with a confidence boost.  Everyone should include yoghurt in their diet, which is brimming with healthy bacteria. Cheese and milk provides you with calcium, which is imperative to promote healthy teeth and bones. Eating plenty of crunchy fruit and vegetables encourages saliva production, which is alkaline based to protect your teeth moving forward.

If you smoke, now is the time to stop smoking. Smoking increases your risk of gum disease, oral cancer and tooth discolouration. Stop smoking to improve your oral health and provide you with a gleaming smile you can be proud of.

Tooth whitening procedures offered by the dental surgery is another way to boost confidence. Dr Tariq Drabu did advise that people are under the false impression that teeth are white, when in fact they are off-white. Tooth whitening can lighten your teeth by a few shades to help promote confidence and a beautiful smile.

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