How to Choose the Right Team to Complement Your Dental Practice



Choosing the right team for your dental practice can be a difficult and daunting experience. When it comes to welcoming a new team members to their team, you have to ensure that they work well with the rest of your team, add value to your practice and help you improve productivity.

I have found over the years that when faced with a high volume of applications from qualified personnel, making a decision isn’t something that comes easily. Which is why I wanted to share my experience and help other dental professionals take advantage of what I have been through and the techniques I have used to ensure that you choose the right applicant each and every time.

The first thing to do is to draw up your mission statement. . Put your objectives and ideals onto paper, this can help you when identifying the right applicant to meet your particular practice needs. Knowing what you expect from a new team member, knowing the duties you expect them to perform and how you want them to work within the team is important and will play a role in the decision you make, ensuring you choose a member that can be part of the team in the long run.

Write out your advert clearly, identifying the duties you expect the applicant to perform, the requirements they need and give some information on your practice, your goals and objectives.

Narrow Down Your Shortlist

Don’t be surprised if you get a high number of applicants. There are always more applicants to positions advertised. You will have to go through each application with a fine tooth comb, comparing their skills to your job specs and their experience, knowledge and overall curriculum vitae to you mission statement. While this may sound like a lot of work that you probably don’t have time for, you will find it will help you narrow down your search until you have a shortlist of five or less applicants that you can interview face to face.

The Interview Process                                                                                                           

When it came to the interviews I found that taking advantage of a company that offers personality tests was a wonderful addition that helped me ensure that the applicants I interviewed me all our requirements at the practice. You can learn so much using these tests.

I took the time to interview each of the applicants face to face, meeting someone and speaking to them can give you such a great sense of who they are. Of course anyone can lie during an interview and make themselves out to be someone they are not, which is where the personality test comes in.

I wrote down my preferences and when the results of the personality tests came in, I compared that to what we were looking for, ensuring that I chose the best applicants to work as a member of our small team.

The Employment Process

When I had discussed the chosen applicant with my team and we all agreed that I had made the best choice, I invited them in for a trial period of one month. The trial was an opportunity to ensure that they could just slot into the daily running of the practice and then they were able to become a valued member of our team. Where training was needed, such as working our particular systems, we provided the training throughout this period.

The contract was drawn up outlining everything in clear detail and we also provided an employee handbook for the new member to read through and sign that they understood.

We have never had any problems interviewing and selecting new applicants this way and I have always found myself lucky to have a dedicated, experienced and passionate team working alongside me, all of which work together to ensure the highest level of patient care and support at all times.

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