How to Ensure Your Dental Practice Success

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There is so much more to seeing patients on a daily basis. These days competition is fierce among dental practices and with so many to choose from, patients are looking for certain criteria to be met. I have found that a firm marketing plan and having set protocols in place, ensures the success of my UK based practice on a daily basis.

In the United Kingdom, there are NHS dental practices and private practices. Private practices offer a wide variety of dental treatments from dental implants to tooth whitening procedures. Patients looking for these services don’t only search locally, they expect a certain level of service and support for their money, which has resulted in my practice ensuring we tick all the boxes to encourage more patients to visit our practice in our local area.

Focus on a Speciality

The one thing I have found is to focus on a speciality within dentistry and ensure all my patients are aware of the service. Building up a reputation in a certain sector of dentistry is the best way to draw patients to our surgery. Dental implants are high in demand, so we focused on this service, even though we offer an extensive range of other dental services. This helped encourage more patients to contact our surgery, as our reputation grew in the local area.

Superior Customer Service

These days providing superior patient service is imperative to the success of your practice. Patients expect more from their dentist than treatment. They expect a high level of service and support, exceeding their expectations on a daily basis. The entire team need to work hard to meet the patients’ needs and ensure a high level of service is offered at all times.

Welcoming Reception Area

Another thing we found that encouraged our patients return to our practice is to make our reception area and team welcoming and inviting. Whether our patients are arriving for a tooth whitening procedure or they have dental anxiety, all our patients are welcomed and invited into the surgery through a friendly reception area that is easy to identify.

Reputation Management

Your reputation is one of the most important things you can have. You want to build your reputation daily to ensure your patients know who you are and the services you provide. The more you work at your reputation, the more patients you will welcome through your doors. You need to manage your reputation management online to ensure that you receive glowing reviews that encourage new patients to contact your practice before contacting any other practice in the area.

Pre-Schedule appointments

When making routine follow up appointments for patients, pre-scheduling them while they are at the practice is the best way to ensure that they come back and also that they keep the appointment. Leaving it up to the patient to make an appointment in six or twelve months doesn’t guarantee they will return to you. By pre-scheduling, you can work to their schedule to ensure you meet their requirements and needs.

Finance Options

Having the facility to offer finance options to patients is a fantastic way to draw new patients to your surgery. When it comes to cosmetic treatments, patients may want to have the ability to pay the amount over a period of time. Speak to finance companies to see if you can arrange and payment plan to enable your patients to have the treatment they want or need without having to pay out the full amount in cash.

Payment Solutions

The final thing I have found that is imperative to ensure my dental practice success is to welcome a host of payment solutions. Some patients prefer carrying cash, others arrive with a credit card or cheque. Whatever their payment solution, we accept it, always ensuring we put our patient first and meet their particular needs every step of the way.


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