How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy This Summer

teeth healthy

The heat and humidity can have a negative impact on your oral health. As the temperatures rise your risk of dehydration is increased, which can result in dry mouth syndrome, which can leave you with a series of dental problems which you will have to have treated in the long run.

Dr Tariq Drabu, a leading dentist and specialist oral surgeon based in the United Kingdom, advised that it is imperative that you keep hydrated throughout the hotter summer months to reduce the risk of tooth decay. In order to protect your teeth and gums you should drink plenty of water and eliminate sugary drinks. Water is the best option to ensure your body is kept hydrated and it is completely neutral, the best thing to rinse your mouth with to reduce the risk of dry mouth syndrome moving forward.

In order to reduce the risk of dry mouth you can chew sugar free chewing gum, which will promote the production of saliva. Saliva is alkaline based which is designed to protect your teeth when eating acidic foods, which can also have a negative impact on your oral health.

Choose your snacks with care during the hot summer months. Fruit is exceptionally popular, it’s a healthy snack and after it comes out the fridge it can be cool and refreshing. Dr Tariq Drabu wants to remind people that citrus fruits are brimming with acidity which can negatively impact your teeth and gums. Stick to crunchy fruits and vegetables which can help promote saliva production and protect the teeth and gums at the same time. Watermelon is a good option, which is brimming with water to keep you hydrated and cool throughout the heat of summer.

Another tip for summer is that outdoor sports increase in demand when the sun shines. When playing any outdoor sports, whether it’s tennis or volleyball on the beach remember to protect your teeth. It is during outdoor games that you can have a ball smash into your mouth, chipping, cracking and even breaking your teeth, which will lead to pain and treatment. Rather invest in a gum guard, which your dentist can help you with to protect against accidental knocks and bumps.

Dr Tariq Drabu also advises that the chlorine in swimming pools can lead to erosion of the teeth. If you are spending a lot of time in the swimming pool, then it’s advisable to ensure you keep your mouth closed and try and get as little of the water on your teeth as possible. Ensure when you get out of the pool to rinse your mouth with clean and fresh water to reduce the risk of erosion, which can lead to dental decay and other problems moving forward.

If you look after your oral health throughout summer, then you can enjoy a healthy smile. Your confidence will be improved and you can reduce your dental worries. This can enable you to enjoy the sunshine and relax, make the most of the warm weather without having to spend your sunny afternoons at the dental clinic.

Dr Tariq Drabu did mention that summer is the time when they experience the highest number of routine appointment cancellations, as people have so many other better things to do than visit the dentist. It is imperative that you keep your dental appointments as this is an opportunity for the dentist to examine your teeth, face and mouth and identify any potential problems that you may not be aware of. Also remember to keep your good oral hygiene routine throughout summer, by brushing twice a day and flossing daily to promote good oral health at all times.

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