Make Your Dental Practice Stand Out

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Patients looking for a dental practice in their local area have no shortage to choose from. Each area has a number of dental practices, which means you have to make your practice stand out from the rest to ensure the patients walk through your door to receive treatment.

This is easier said than done and it involves hard work and dedication. Your main concern is your patients and caring for them, which makes putting time aside to promote your practice on the back burner. If you spend your days treating patients, as I do, then finding time to concentrate on everything else to help promote the office isn’t as important.

I have found over the years of running a successful dental practice in Manchester in the United Kingdom, that there are things that can be done in-house which can impress patients, exceed their expectations and help build your reputation in the local area.

Thorough Examinations

This may sound obvious, but promote the fact that you provide your patients with thorough examinations on every visit. This puts the patients mind at ease and helps them realise that you offer a good patient care service. Patients want to know that you are focused on their oral health and don’t see them as just another number that comes through the door.

Friendly and Welcoming Team

Work closely with your team to ensure they have the same focus and ideals you have when it comes to your patients. Patients should walk through the door and feel welcomed. Your team should be able to calm them immediately with a friendly demeanour to make them feel welcome and special.

I have found that providing my reception and administration team with customer services training has been beneficial to the overall success of my practice here in Manchester. The team are always welcoming and they know the patients due for appointments, greeting them by name and providing them with a personalised service. Even though we have grown into one of the largest private dental practices in the area, we provide that family owned and managed personalised service which goes such a long way and makes our patients feel special.

Clinical Facilities

We also ensure we promote the fact that we have surgical facilities at our practice to manage a host of different and essential dental treatments. Even though most of our patients don’t understand the state of the art equipment and facilities we have, it does make a difference to them when deciding on which dentist surgery to join moving forward.

Range of Treatments

I always ensure that my patients are aware of the extensive range of treatments we provide at the practice. I want them to know that they can come to me with basic emergency treatment requirements or tooth whitening or implants. We have introduced top quality oral hygienists to the team to ensure we have become the top choice for dental treatments in the area, standing out against our competitors and ensuring that patients consider us first.

It’s all about the Patient

Over the years I have learned that the success of my practice is based on the patient and how they feel. We have become very patient orientated, identifying how we make them feel when they walk through the door for treatment.

We want our patients to share their dental experience with their family and friends, we want them to tell their friends that they only waited a short time to see the dentist or that the hygienist was friendly and gentle.

I ensure that I allot a certain time to each patient, more than that needed for the treatment. This gives me time to get to know my patient, learn more about them and get to know them on a personal level. The aim is to constantly provide exceptional service, so I know my practice continues to stand out from the rest.

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