Tariq Drabu A Sad State of Affairs in PCT Land

Tariq Drabu says “As the government’s NHS reforms press on headlong into an uncertain future with any future Labour government pledging to repeal them, the state of affairs in PCT land is very confusing.”

Tariq Drabu continues “With medical practices moving forward into the new world of clinical commissioning groups, thankfully dentistry has been outside of this and will after April 2013 come under the umbrella of the National Commissioning Board. However my understanding is that the National Commissioning Board will then splinter down into the Local Area Teams. The large number of primary care trusts in the north-west will be abolished and fewer but larger clusters will be created. This will inevitably lead to redundancies amongst staff within primary care trusts. This is a very unfortunate state of affairs because it seems that maybe those people within primary care trusts who have worked longest within dentistry and have the most experience will end up taking redundancy because they have just had enough.”

Tariq Drabu concludes “My understanding is that there will be around 30% of the current job numbers in the new world. That means that almost 2/3 of the current staff will go. I am sure that the staff who do go will be the ones who are the most experienced and the ones who could have made the greatest contribution to the new world of NHS dentistry. Imagine what the morale must be of these employees who know that it is very likely that they will be out of a job within six months This is very sad state of affairs.”

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