Dr Tariq Drabu Dentist Dental Showcase

Dr Tariq Drabu says “I am looking forward to going down to the Dental Showcase this Friday in Excel in London. As a dentist I am always excited by dental trade shows and new developments for dentists and for the dental world as a whole. What will Dr Tariq Drabu be looking at for his team at Langley Dental Practice? Well scrubs dental uniforms is right at the top of the list. As a practising dentist I do feel that the time is now right to move away from standard clothes and into the world of dental scrubs. They are important for cross infection control and hygiene. To make things even better they look pretty good too! I can get a Tariq Drabu or Langley Dental Practice logo sewn on. The only issue is the number of different designs. Some staff want loose and some want fitted. Some want a logo and some want a plain design. To top it all off some will want one colour and others will want another colour! Is it one colour for the dentists and one colour for the support staff? So many different decisions. That is the privilege of working with so many members of staff. However in truth they are all great team who love their dentistry and have a buzz every single day about coming to work for Dr Tariq Drabu at Langley Dental Practice.”

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