Tariq Drabu Manchester News Evening Opening

I am reflecting this evening in Manchester that over the past 15 years I have been proud to have overseen some tremendous changes at Langley Dental Practice. We have expanded a small two chair practice into a state of the art modern four chair facility. Our patient base has increased from 1500 in 1998 to 18000 at the present time on our computer database. We are regularly taking on new NHS patients. We have pioneered a new service delivery model for minor oral surgery in primary care. We are now looking to expand our services and offer an independent level of dental care during evening hours. When I say independent I mean independent of the NHS fees and regulations. We are working on a fair and reasonable fee scale that will not price us out of the reach of those patients who really wish to access our services. The latest news is that we are looking to open the surgery in the evenings on a regular basis to allow those patients who are unable to access us during the day to make convenient appointments. For further information about this please contact our reception on (0161) 643 2428.

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